Covid’s Impact on Single Use Plastic - Time to Take Action!

February 24 2022 – Honeywrap Team

Covid’s Impact on Single Use Plastic - Time to Take Action!

Covid’s Impact on Single Use Plastic - Time to Take Action!

Covid has impacted the world in more ways than one and an increase in the use of single use plastic is one of the many side effects that has occurred. With so many other issues that have arised from Covid, sadly limiting plastic usage has fallen to the wayside causing pollution to sky rocket. The increase in single use plastic will leave a lasting impact on our environment, soil, waterways, wildlife and marine life. It’s time to take action and make a change to protect our planet!  

Why has plastic waste increased so much? 

During the pandemic we have seen an increase in litter with disposable facemasks and rapid tests as well as a decrease in the use of single use plastic alternatives. Prior to the pandemic we saw the community having more of a focus around reducing their impact through the use and investment of sustainable, lasting products. However as Covid set in, the priorities of many changed as lives were turned upside down and the focus around reducing the use of single plastic declined. Overall the unknown, uncertainty and financial stress caused by COVID is what lead to the increase in plastic pollution and a backward step in working towards zero waste. 

“Dr Dunn, head of The Plastic Research Centre of Wales at Bangor University, said while plastic was an important tool in preventing the spread of the virus and saving lives, the pandemic marked a "back step" in the fight against pollution.”

Not only did Covid hinder the use of sustainable products, the concern of spreading the virus also put a pause on a lot of the refill schemes, resulting in a reported increase in litter.

“Clare Reed, of the Marine Conservation Society, said a lot of progress was made before the pandemic to reduce single-use plastic, and then it was as if it was "all forgotten".”

Reuse Revolution 

It’s time we take action and invest in sustainability and our environment. 

Preserving our planet for future generations is vitally important and limiting our plastic usage is one way we can do our small part to help! We at Honeywrap are passionate about sustainability and are always looking at ways we can better ourselves and how we can help our community reduce plastic usage. We are proud of our Honeywrap family that have continued to keep the environment in mind when shopping by supporting us, local businesses and the charities and local artists we work with! Join the Honeywrap community and let's work together and take part in the plastic free movement! Small changes can make a big difference! 

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