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Our Fabric is designed by NZ artists!

Evie Kemp Artist Collab
This years summer collab is with the very talent Evie Kemp. Evie began her career designing prints and home wares. Her artworks can be found in thousands of homes worldwide and have been featured in numerous magazines. Over the years, Evie has increasingly showcased her passion for applying unique and bold design to all aspects of life, this is evident in the bright fun abstract print she has created for Honeywrap. Perfect for brightening up the Christmas table and summer barbies.
We asked Evie why she was keen to work with Honeywrap:
"I am so excited to collaborate with Honeywrap - a product that does so much good in the world by a lovely local company. I think design is such an important motivator in converting more people to sustainable packaging options, and showing that helping the environment can also be a lot of fun. When designing this print I was inspired by the kiwi summer - picnics with friends, fresh yummy salads and bright colourful pavlovas!" Find out more about Evie here https://www.eviekemp.com/
Project Jonah Charity Collaboration:

Honeywrap has teamed up with this amazing charity to create a very special whale print, designed by the very talented New Zealand artists NATTY.

For every Project Jonah Honeywrap purchased, 50c goes towards helping this awesome rescue charity to continue protecting our marine mammals.

Project Jonah is a marine mammal welfare charity, working hard to protect the beautiful whales and dolphins inhabiting NZ waters. These marine mammals face many threats, some natural and others man-made. These include: entanglement in fishing nets, overfishing, ship strike and pollution. Project Jonah works to educate and inform schools and communities across the country of the impacts we can have on these creatures, and the things we can do to help protect them. What’s more, with New Zealand having one of the highest stranding rates for whales and dolphins in the world (with an average of 300 animals stranding per year), Project Jonah travels the length of the country to help these stranded animals in need. Find out more here: https://www.projectjonah.org.nz/

Our Nature range prints are designed by the talented NZ designers at Natty - Cat McKay & Fiona Gibb
At Natty many of our jewellery and textile designs are inspired by New Zealand nature, celebrating Aotearoa. We try to evoke and celebrate the natural environment rather than impact on it so it was fantastic to be asked to design a new range of fabrics for Honeywrap as we love their product and the ethos behind their business.
It was a collaborative process, creating fun new designs including ones influenced by the New Zealand coastline and bush as well as ones promoting gardening and cycling which are definitely things close to our hearts.




We are very lucky to have our limited edition summer range designed by the incredibly talented NZ artist Hayley King - aka Flox.

“This was a very cool project to be part of. Honeywrap is a local biz with a beautiful philosophy of zero waste, so that inspired flavours of graphic Kiwi-ness and nature in my design. I also wanted to create a look that felt playful and fun, so when kids go to grab their food from their school lunch boxes, they’ve got a colourful, exciting looking lunch”

“I’ve been using them at home and and I’ve gotta say it’s so satisfying not having to use plastic bags and plastic wrap every day”

An aerosol and stencil artist with a fine art degree, Flox first made her mark on the inner cityscape of Auckland in 2003. Her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers – a celebration of Aotearoa’s environmental taonga – vibrant, confident colour; and scale combined with delicacy; magically transformed grey walls into vibrant depictions of the natural world.

Flox swiftly expanded her practice into prints, publications, murals, graphic design, live painting, projects, workshops for both school and the wider public, collaborations, charity work and both group and solo exhibitions. Her accessible narratives have broadened her appeal and shaped her into one of New Zealand’s most recognised contemporary artists.




About Cathy Hansby

"My images feature some of New Zealand's endangered and vulnerable species. I began looking at our native animals and was captured by their stories and how we are so close to losing some of them. They represent our unique place in the world, and make New Zealand unlike any other. I was excited to be asked by Honeywrap to do a collaboration. The idea to do a seascape print, featuring three animals most endangered by plastic in the ocean was completely in line with my existing artworks". 




About Wendy Nannestad

"I am a multi disciplined designer with a passion for art, craft and sustainable design. Initially asked by Honeywrap to design their packaging and branding, it wasn't long before I jumped at the chance to be involved in designing graphics for their fabrics too. As I have three young children, it was exciting coming up with bright, fun, contemporary designs for a unique and useful product that would be an everyday feature in their lunchboxes too.



About our Sustainable coastlines collaboration

Our summer Collab sums up what Honeywrap is all about- protecting our oceans and planet. 50c from each Honeywrap sold goes to Sustainable Coastlines to support the awesome work they  do saving our coastlines. 
Sustainable Coastlines is pleased to work in collaboration with Honey Wrap to deliver a great looking product that gives people a beautiful alternative to single use plastic food wrapping. 
The artwork we have chosen to use has been taken from our Flagship Education Centre in Wynyard Quarter. The characters have a youthful fun to their nature and are reflective of the work Sustainable Coastlines does around the coasts and waterways of New Zealand
- Andrew, Sustainable Coastlines.