Our Story

Honeywrap is inspired by nature and a passion for reducing the amount of single use plastic on the planet, to make a better word for the next generation.   Our Honeywrap beeswax wraps are reusable, environmentally friendly, sustainable, recyclable and offer a natural alternative to plastic food wrap. Each beeswax wrap is made in New Zealand from certified organic cotton and natural ingredients.

Honeywrap brand values are conservation, communities and commerce should work together to create a sustainable, healthier world. Which is why Honeywrap is a member of the Sustainable Business Network and is dedicated to doing business sustainably in a way that respects our air, land, water, environment to work towards Zero Waste and a Circular Economy

In addition, Honeywrap is a Certified B Corporation which is verification of social and environmental performance, and accountability to balance profit and purpose for a more sustainable economy.



Wendy the owner of Honeywrap genuinely believes sustainability, health and well being are important part of business and life. As a seventh generation New Zealand food producer, she is passionate about the preservation of the environment and using natural, sustainable products and adopting a business model that promotes zero waste and a circular economy.
Gots Certified
Organic cotton is made without pesticides therefore it is better for the environment, the farmers and eventually our own health as our skin is not exposed to the harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process of traditional cotton.  It is a non-negotiable for us that all our wraps are made with GOTs Certified organic cotton fabric.

Certified B Corporation 
Being a certified BCorp means that we've met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Why is this important? Well, it means that we're not just in business to make a profit—we're here to make a positive impact on our planet and communities.


We are proud members of the Sustainable Business Network, enabling system change in the areas of climate, waste, resources and nature. Being a Sustainable Business Network member means we are a part of a network of progressive organisations and people that collectively invest in and act on system change to ensure people and nature prosper. 


Gold NZ Artisan Award 2022We were proud to be awarded Gold for our Ocean Rescue three pack at the New Zealand Artisan Awards in 2022. The New Zealand Artisan Awards is an annual event that recognises New Zealand food and beverage producers an opportunity to showcase their innovation. 


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