5 Ways to Reduce Your Easter Wastage

March 30 2022 – Morgan Dunham

5 Ways to Reduce Your Easter Wastage

5 Ways to Reduce Your Easter Wastage

Have you ever noticed how much rubbish and waste comes with Easter? There is so much extra wrapping around individual chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and decorations! In a UK consumer group revealed that the packaging involved with Easter makes up to a quarter of the total weight of popular Easter eggs. 

So how do we reduce our waste and still keep the fun in Easter? Don’t worry we have you sorted with some amazing and handy simple tips!


1. Make your own eggs using molds from real egg shells or make chocolate bark

Making your own chocolate makes for a fun activity to do with kids, friends, family or on your own! This way you can see your eggs come to life and add ANY yummy flavours to your chocolate that you like! Some of my favorites to add are pretzels, dried raspberries or sea salt. Here’s a chocolate bark recipe that is super easy and you can make it your own by adding anything you like.


2. Bake your own hot cross buns

Way easier than you think and a great way to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging. Your hot cross buns couldn’t be more fresh and you are helping out our planet, it’s a win win! 

Try out this super easy hot cross bun recipe… Enjoy! 


3. Re-use foil wrappers in art projects

Instead of throwing your wrappers in the bin, hold onto them and get creative. Turn your Easter egg foil wrappers into fun art projects and with school holidays right after Easter it couldn’t be better timing. Get some inspiration from the amazing artwork made out of reused Easter Egg foil below. Get creative, have fun and see what you can do! 


4. Use plastic free alternatives where possible

With Easter comes family lunches and get-togethers. Look to use plastic free alternatives where you can and avoid using single use plastic such as plastic food wrap, plastic straws or plastic cutlery. Honeywrap has some amazing alternatives that are easy to use, sustainable, beautiful and last for AGES!!!


5. Less is best

And lastly, a simple yet effective tip is looking for Easter options with less packaging. Seems obvious but it’s a goodie that our planet will thank you for!

Collectively small changes make a big difference! Start small and do what you can to reduce plastic and in turn help our environment, waterways and wildlife. 

Join the reuse revolution!



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