Save the Kiwi




Saving Our National Icon 

As a local New Zealand business, Honeywrap believes strongly in supporting conservation, that's why we teamed up with Save the Kiwi to bring you the Limited edition Save the Kiwi wrap. 

In celebration of our treasured national symbol, the Kiwi, we are delighted to introduce our exclusive "Save the Kiwi" beeswax wrap – a stylish addition to your kitchen and a powerful gesture of support for our native icon.

The "Save the Kiwi" wrap not only preserves the freshness of your food but also makes a bold statement in favor of conservation. With each purchase, we are proud to contribute $1.00 to Save the Kiwi, an organisation dedicated to safeguarding our beloved national treasure.

As our way of addressing the concerning decline in the kiwi population – currently standing at approximately 68,000 – we recognise the urgency to take action. Over the past few centuries, deforestation and introduced predators have significantly impacted our kiwi population, with numbers decreasing by 2% annually. This alarming trend translates to the loss of around 20 kiwi every week.

While extensive conservation efforts are underway, unmanaged forests and persistent predator threats continue to put our national icon at risk. By choosing the "Save the Kiwi" wrap, you transform a kitchen essential into a tool for conservation, aiding in the protection of these remarkable birds.

At Honeywrap, we believe in the power of collaboration. That's why we've partnered with Save the Kiwi to contribute $1.00 for every "Save the Kiwi" wrap sold. Together, we can make a difference, ensuring a brighter future for our cherished Kiwi.

Join us in supporting conservation efforts and make a positive impact with your purchase of the "Save the Kiwi" wrap. Together, let's preserve the legacy of our national icon for future generations.

Designed by NZ Artist - Elaine Bozza


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