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Testimonials- Honeywrap Converts

'Brilliant- I love mine, and so does my friend who has some too- Can proudly say I haven't used cling wrap since I got them.'- Jane 2016

'I'm a fan of your wraps, a big fan. It's been a total game changer for me, so thanks for that.Thanks a million'- Joy 2016

'I love your wraps, have been using them for my kids lunches for the last 2 years!' - Merle 2016

'Just wanted to say thank you for your incredible product! Not only does it keep all kinds of our food and lunches fresh, it's the best thing ever for opening stuck jar lids! Just love it!' - Jo 2016

'I am really enjoying using my honey wraps and the designs are delightful - my fridge is looking good.' - Heather 2016

 'My wonderful Honey Wraps arrived today, thank you.  Thanks also for so kindly including an extra wrap to celebrate your 3rd Birthday, it was a really lovely surprise!  This was my second order of your wraps, I think they are so fabulous I purchased more to give as Christmas gifts.'- Caroline 2016

'Hi Tara how are you! I am so super stoked with your honeywraps, not only are they an awesome concept, and beautiful fabrics, but I feel like every sale we make is saving the planet!!'- Maureen Taane HAPA 2016

 'I am busy wrapping everything that I can!, left overs, cucumbers, mini pancakes, to name a few. This is a fabulous product, I love it.' - Claire 2016

 'I wanted to say thanks for your great customer service and for the honey wraps which we are loving.  The kids now each have one for their lunchboxes and they are getting used everyday (including by a 3 year old, so they are pretty easy to manage). And I have had other mums asking about them too, so its great to have the chance to recommend them.'- Kate 2016

 'I was also delighted with the little details of your service:  the thank you letter printed on brown paper with a pattern on the reverse side.  I have kept this for wrapping paper.  The paper parcel wrap used to courier the products in rather than the ubiquitous plastic courier bags.  The wildflower seeds.  All thoughtfully put together.Thank you for your wonderful product and all the little details that make a difference.'- Rochelle 2016 

 'Thanks so much for your wonderful prompt service, greatly appreciated receiving your lovely goods.' - Eilis 2016

 'The honey wraps are actually thank you gifts for wedding helpers. Such a beautiful gift, and guilt free too!' - Ashleigh 2016

 'Good golly we just sold out of Honeywraps, this product is awesome!!' - Maureen- Owner Hapa Design Store 2015

'I recently bought a three pack of wraps and am loving them. I'd like to also add an X-Large to my collection'. Erica- Website customer 2015
'A friend of mine gave me a single Honeywrap as a gift and it is fantastic'. - Fiona Taste customer  2015

 'My order of a starter pack of 5 wraps has arrived and I'm thrilled with them.  They were immediately put to use wrapping cold meat and part vegetables.  I was also delighted with the little details of your service:  the thank you letter printed on brown paper with a pattern on the reverse side.  I have kept this for wrapping paper.  The paper used to courier the products, the wildflower seeds.  All thoughtfully put together. Thank you for your wonderful product and all the little details that make a difference'. Rochelle- Customer 2015

 'Just wanted to say thanks heaps for the Honey wraps they are fantastic.

Have got mum hooked on them too now!! Thanks.' Jaimee- Website customer Christchurch 2015

 'Feedback on the extra- large for you, we love it, we use it to cover large salads and I wrap my bread in it too its great keeps it moist. Thanks.' Lindsey- Ecostore 2015

Kate Meads - aka The Nappy Lady, 2014

 'To be honest I thought when will I use Honeywraps I usually use plastic containers and for kids lunch have a divided lunch box. My friend gave me one and it sat in the cupboard for a week until we had a barbeque and I was looking for something to cover the salad from flies, and couldn't find a lid for a bowl. Then I saw it and thought ah, the Honeywrap! It was brilliant and looked heaps better on the table than gladwrap or a paper towel'. Mary- Customer Auckland 2014

 'I am just loving my honey wrap' I get a kick every time I reach for the cheese!!' Nicky- Big Lunch Box Revolution 2014

 'What an easy way to do my bit for the environment and great for our school which is waste free.' Sarah- School customer Auckland 2014 

'I haven't used Gladwrap since I started using Honeywraps last November.'Mark- Market Customer Auckland  2014