Westpac's Feature on Honeywrap

Concerned about single-use plastics, Westpac customers Tara Strahan, Jo Falloon and Amy DeMuth resolved to make their own beeswax wraps.
The response has been amazing and the trio have realised other people are just as passionate about addressing plastic usage. 

Click here to see the cool video Westpac made!

The Spin Off Feature

In their Q&A series, The Spin Off interview co-founder Tara and ask us about how we turned our organic beeswax wrap idea back-in-the-day, into reality. 

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Supermarket News Feature

In honour of the upcoming Plastic Free July 2019, Honeywrap and marine charity Project Jonah have partnered to launch a new sustainable food wrap collaboration. For the month of July, 100% of the profits made from the new Moana print will go to Project Jonah in support of the work they do to protect our marine life.

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Honeywrap talk trade marks and beeswax:

"Beautiful, functional, eco-friendly – these are the key ingredients to Honeywrap’s sweet success, all wrapped up in a brand protected through its trade mark registration."

Read more about our story here and why we choose to protect our name:


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P.S Our Beaches- blog

Honeywrap is not only an innovative business, it is a beautiful story of empowering individuals to do their part in protecting the environment.

Link to the blog here:

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