HELIX.iso™ filters 

HELIX.iso™ filters are made from natural NZ wool fibre for enhanced protection and may contain organic markings. Any organic markings are harmless and are proof of the filter’s natural origin. They do not affect the performance of the filter. 

The  HELIX.iso™ filter can be fitted to most cloth masks and should be replaced as often as possible. All contaminated filter elements must be disposed of safely when replaced and should not be re-used.  

When correctly fitted, the mask with a HELIX.iso™ filter inserted provides excellent protection and comfort to enable prolonged use.  

Filters should be replaced daily or after approximately 8 hours of use. 

The smooth side of the filter with printing goes against the face side of your mask. The wool side should be facing out.


Traditionally filtration media has been based on oil-based synthetic materials. The Helix™ Filter Media is the result of Lanaco’s years of research and development in the creation of the world’s most breathable, multi-functional air filter. Designed to capture harmful particulate matter, it harnesses the unique organic properties of New Zealand wool to achieve incredibly good results – so good it has even been selected for protecting astronauts in the next manned mission to the moon and beyond. The science which has been developed for the HelixTM Filter Technology builds on the strong properties of the wool fibre to be electrostatically charged. This wool has been selected through a scientific genetics breeding programme using bred-for-purpose New Zealand sheep to optimise filtration characteristics of our wool.

Helix™ Filter Technology is used in all of Lanaco’s filter formulations. Whilst a 100% organic material is our objective, synthetic additives are currently used to create hybrid formulations that obtain the best performance possible.

Advantages of HelixTM Filter Media include:

  • Superior electrostatic performance for capturing particles.
  • Reduces noxious gases.
  • Safer against fire.
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria.
  • Made from a renewable resource.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Low breathing resistance.