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Bird of The Year, Forest & Bird Collaboration

Bird of The Year, Forest & Bird Collaboration

Honeywrap was started to help protect nature. We are all about raising awareness and hopefully inspiring people to take simple actions that make a combined difference. 

We love partnering with charities and supporting the awesome work that they do.

We are very excited about our  latest collab with Forest and Bird, for Bird of the Year.

Bird Of The Year is held each year to get your votes and draw attention to the plight of our native birds.   Watch Mini-Documentary

Many of New Zealand native birds are in crisis with over two thirds threatened with extinction.  Bird of the Year celebrates our unique birds and with each vote you make, helping give them a voice.

We are proud to support bird of the year with  $1 from each limited edition Bird of the year wrap supporting Forest and Bird and the work they do protecting, restoring and defending New Zealand’s precious wildlife and wild places.

Vote for your favourite bird at birdoftheyear.org.nz. Voting starts 28 October till 10 November.  Winner announced 11 November. You get 5 votes, why not vote for the 5 featured on our Bird of the Year wrap. Find their story here

Forest and bird is NZ’s leading independent conservation organisation. They don’t get government funding and rely on donations to support their work. Help them by purchasing a limited edition bird of the year wrap, making a donation or get involved at a local branch as a volunteer. Look at their website for easy ways to get involved. www.forestandbird.co.nz

Our Bird of the Year Honeywrap was designed by the very talented and eco-minded Indigo from The Paper Rain Project. It features five of our endangered birds. We are the campaign managers for the Chatham island Robin but find out more about her and our top five birds featured on the wrap in our Supporting Artists section.