At its heart, Honeywrap is about making a difference - our ultimate goal is for people to stop using single-use plastics by providing an alternative that works just as well (if not better!).


In everything we do we are thinking about the environment and trying to minimise the harm and impact on it.    We try to encourage and inspire people by leading by example. 

Here's a few of the things we do as part of our passion to rid the world of plastics and make a difference every day.



Gots Certified

 Organic cotton is made without pesticides therefore it is better for the environment, the farmers and eventually our own health as our skin is not exposed to the harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process of traditional cotton.  It's a non-negotiable for us that all our wraps are made with GOTs Certified organic cotton fabric.





We are proud members of the Sustainable Business Network and work hard to maximise our resource values across our entire business and eliminating or reusing waste products.  




We give one percent of our income to the One Percent Collective.  They're an organisation that works with 11 amazing NZ charities to make a real difference every day.  So far the One Percent Collective has jointly raised over $950,000!


Beach Clean Ups

We are keen helpers at beach clean-ups and regularly donate prizes and product for clean-ups around the country.

Sustainable Coastlines

Our collaboration with Sustainable Coastlines was a natural progression and our limited edition collection we donated 50c from each purchase to Sustainable Coastlines to support the fantastic work they do protecting our oceans and waterways.




Project Jonah

The latest collaboration is with the incredible team at Project Jonah. 

Our resident artist, Natty, has created a very special whale print and for every Project Jonah Honeywrap purchased, 50c goes towards helping this awesome rescue charity to continue protecting our marine mammals.


Fundraising for Schools & Clubs

Honeywrap is a fabulous alternative to chocolate if you're looking for a sustainably friendly way to fundraise for your school or club.  We'll be happy to send a sample, display box and postcards to back up your efforts.  Get in touch for more info.

Community Support

We love getting out in the community any way we can.  You'll find us helping at sewing bees and generally encouraging people to break up with plastic!