Plastic waste

December 08 2022 – Zoe Hoole

Plastic waste

Plastic waste

I think it's safe to say we all know plastic is a huge issue in the environment worldwide, one area of hot debate is microplastics and the impact they’re having on people, animals and the environment. You only need to walk down to the beach and see the plastic waste washed up on the shoreline. It’s affecting the sea life that can get tangled in the plastic and when the plastic breaks down in the ocean to micro-plastics which then enter the food chain. We’re eating the fish and the micro-plastic is then entering our bodies. They are now finding microplastics in our blood, and organs. Micro plastics have even been found in the placentas of unborn babies. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by weight, which is why it is so important we eliminate single use plastic now. 

Social Good is part of our ethos. Honeywrap brand values are conservation, communities and commerce working together to create a sustainable, healthier world. Honeywrap is a member of the Sustainable Business Network and is dedicated to doing business sustainably in a way that respects our air, land, water, and environment to work towards Zero Waste and a Circular Economy.

Honeywrap is passionate about reducing the amount of single use plastic on our planet, by providing sustainable eco-friendly plastic free solutions, to make a better world for the next generation. Next time you pack your lunch, think about switching to a reusable zero plastic alternative.


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