Meet Honeywrap's new owner - Wendy!

July 01 2020 – Colleen Ceronio

Meet Honeywrap's new owner - Wendy!

Meet Honeywrap's new owner - Wendy!

Honeywrap was inspired by nature and a passion for reducing the amount of single use plastic on the planet.   Each beeswax wrap is made in New Zealand from certified organic cotton and natural ingredients. Our Honeywrap beeswax wraps are reusable, sustainable and offer a natural alternative to plastic food wrap.


Wendy Oliver, the new owner of Honeywrap and the fantastic Honeywrap team, have carried on the brand values and philosophy of Honeywrap.  Wendy genuinely believes sustainability, health and wellbeing are important part of life. As a seventh generation New Zealand food producer, she is passionate about the preservation of the environment and natural, sustainable products.



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