Honeywrap and Project Jonah: Empowering Change this Plastic-Free July

July 01 2023 – Honeywrap Team

By now we have all completed a 30 day challenge of sorts, from fitness to mindfulness.

What about a challenge that has the planet at its centre? With our children all screaming for a better world for their futures, what are we actually doing individually for our collective futures? Plastic wrap can take up to 1,000 years to degrade in landfill, and right now it is so important to do something about it. 

 Together Honeywrap and Project Jonah challenge you and your readers to join Plastic Free July 2023. With millions of people joining the challenge globally - we are running out of excuses for getting our coffee in takeaway cups and using other single-use plastic.

Saying no to plastic is part of our ethos at Honeywrap, from our products to our postage we want to challenge everyone to make small changes, which collectively will make a huge difference. Let’s all take the month of July challenge to ingrain the habit of saying no to plastic.

We are excited to announce that we have saved a staggering 40 million meters of plastic wrap from polluting our oceans, waterways and landfills since our inception 10 years ago. To illustrate what 40 million metres looks like, that's enough plastic to wrap around the Earth!

Our Waikato based eco-friendly business, Honeywrap produces sustainable beeswax food wraps and provides other sustainable products, and has just achieved this remarkable milestone in the fight against plastic pollution.

 What sets Honeywrap apart from other eco-friendly businesses is our commitment to New Zealand's future, which is why we are proud to partner with Project Jonah for the sixth year in a row, with a portion of all sales going to support their efforts during the month of July. Project Jonah is a marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation organization, and we are so proud to support their work saving New Zealand's sea life.

With only 9% of plastic waste being recycled in New Zealand, and the remaining 91% ending up in landfills, the ocean, or as litter, we encourage everyone to get involved and sign up for the Plastic Free July challenge. By pledging to reduce single-use plastic consumption, individuals can make a significant impact on the environment and help create a better future for generations.  Small changes collectively can make a huge difference.

At Honeywrap, we believe that our success is proof that people are willing to make a change and adopt a sustainable lifestyle. We are dedicated to making a difference and inspiring others to do the same. It is a story that deserves to be shared with a wider audience.



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