Our Story

Honeywrap is us, Tara, Jo and Amy. We are three friends and all mums, who have always tried to do our bit for the environment….cloth nappies, using reusable bags at the supermarket, walking instead of driving.  But sometimes life gets busy and we’re back jumping in the car or using plastic bags again.

A school project led us to the exciting discovery of beeswax covered fabric being used as an alternative to plastic wrap.  When we couldn’t find anywhere in NZ to buy these; we started making them ourselves and Honeywrap was born.  After researching the production process we found the perfect combination of beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin – better than the original!

Honeywraps' for us was an easy way to do a little bit for the environment – we love that it keeps our food fresh while being non-toxic and reducing landfill.  On top of all this Honeywraps  are  easy to use  and they look way better than plastic wrap in the fridge, on the bbq table or in our kids' lunchboxes.

Each Honeywrap is individually handmade here in NZ by us. Honeywrap is our first creation. Our focus is to provide products that reduce our impact on the planet and improve the quality of peoples lives, or in short make you feel good about yourself and the planet! 

As we are all Occupational Therapists by trade we hope in the future that we will be able to combine our passions and provide work and social opportunities for people with brain injuries. Watch this space.


Shout out to the lovely Wendy Nannestad for all her amazing design work. One clever lady. Check out her website http://www.nannestadandsons.com/