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The food wrap saving the bees and the environment

Posted by Tara Strahan on

Article on stuff.co.nz.

Three Kiwi mums on a mission to reduce waste have come up with an alternative to plastic wrap.

Honeywrap was the idea of Auckland mum and co-founder Tara Strahan, who got together with friends Amy De Muth and Jo Falloon one evening over a glass of wine. 

"I was showing them a beeswax wrap my son had made at school, and we thought it was good and investigated more," Strahan says.

Honewrap has teamed up with Kiwi contemporary artist Flox to create limited edition wraps.

"We started looking at different ingredients and it kind of took a life of its own."

The wrap is made with 100 per cent organic cotton, beeswax and other natural preservatives. It's reusable for up to a year and then can be thrown in the compost.

The wraps are handmade in Grey Lynn by the mums with organic fabric from India.

In the past three years the company has grown, and saved the equivalent of 2.7 million metres of plastic wrap ending up in landfill through the sale of their product.

Each wrap saves an average of 75 metres of plastic going to landfill or oceans based on school lunches for a year.

"Our aim is to develop the brand for more everyday use and create a standard wrap and then have Kiwi artists on board for special fabrics," Strahan says.

Honeywrap approached Kiwi contemporary artist Hayley King, aka 'Flox', to create a limited edition wrap.

Flox's designs feature her signature flora and fauna artistry with a unique twist.

"I also wanted to design something that was playful looking, so when the kids go to grab their food from their school lunch boxes, they've got a really colourful and inspired looking lunch," she says

King says it's satisfying not to use plastic bags or plastic wrap every day in her kids' lunch boxes.

So far the ladies have sold 35,000 packs of Honeywrap and are not slowing down. 

There are only 2000 of the limited edition wraps which can be purchased in various stores or at honeywrap.co.nz.

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