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Holiday learnings

Posted by Bold Commerce Collaborator on

Tara was lucky enough to escape the end of winter (and reality) earlier this year by heading overseas with the family.

We asked her a few questions the highlights, lowlights and the learnings from travelling that helped fire her up to continue with Honeywrap.

What a difference 8 weeks makes- reusable bags in supermarkets, everyone carrying their own, glass straws in local cafes, speciality stores encouraging you to take you own containers. Nice to come home and see all these changes and to realise that although we have a huge way to go we have actually come quite far in such a short space of time- Really positive. 

To see the amount of waste travelling creates first hand is quite horrifying. We tried to avoid as much as possible contributing to this but in some ways it can not be avoided.  See top tips below :)

Top 5 Highlights:

  • Hanging out with my boys, not having to think about school lunches, so nice not to be rushing from one thing to the next.
  • Luxury of time to think about what is most important in life. 
  • Walking and biking the Mountains in France. Tracks everywhere, stunning scenery and as it was the off season not many people about.
  • Delicious tomatoes and fresh cheap produce. Mozarella!
  • Doing Via ferrata- rock climbing but with iron ladder rungs in the rocks. Amazing scenery and such a buzz when we finished. I had not been so terrified in a long while!

Low lights:

  • The pollution covering the city in Shanghai- this was shocking to see.
  • Shear volume of plastic water bottles used and no collection or recycling system in some parts.
  • Straws served with everything. Heard one person over the length of the holiday -'say no straw please' and they were from NZ
  • Plastic waste created on airlines
  • Tourism poorly managed and waste created in Santorini. 

    Top tips to reduce holiday impact:

    • Take a little picnic set for the whole family- cutlery and knives. Save loads of money by then being able to make your own lunch.  Honeywraps were awesome for packing lunches!
    • Take puritabs or a water purifier. We could boil water where possible but ended up having to buy bottled water and many of the supermarkets did not have the massive containers so it was in 2 litre bottles. EEK!
    • Leave the Keep cup at home. Only used this at the airport when leaving and arriving ( so good to get home to great coffee). No need for a takeaway cup on holiday.
    • Take your shampoo soap or bars, Honeywraps also awesome for wrapping these in. 
    • Take more than two reusable bags for your hand bag. We ended up buying more overseas

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