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Interview with Honeywrap Co-Founder

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Honeywrap was created in 2013 by three entrepreneurial ladies: Tara, Amy and Jo, who were passionate about having a positive impact on out environment. 

Co-founder Tara, managed to spare a bit of time (not an easy feat if you could see what a machine Tara is!) to sit down and answer some questions about her Honeywrap journey:

Did you realise how much work Honeywrap was going to be when you started the business?

Ha ha no! We sort of fell into being business women and did not have any idea what we were getting ourselves into, though I am my own worse enemy at not setting better limits with my time! It has been a massive learning curve, making your own product definitely makes it more challenging!

Where do you see Honeywrap going in the future... Do you have a vision for it in 10 years time?

Adding to our core range of products that make it easy to reduce single-use plastic. We hope to work more with businesses and schools to reduce their waste, increase sales overseas, and to have Honeywrap in every household, or at least everyone using plastic free alternatives. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of running this business?

Learning all about taxes and financials, neither of us were very money or numbers orientated - I am using more maths than I ever thought I would. The other trickiest thing would be the production side of things. It is like being part scientist, engineer and chemist - with little idea! 

How has Honeywrap affected your mindset on plastic and our environment?

It has definitely taken us further on our green journey. We are all more aware of not only our plastic use but many other issues that are impacting the environment, that previously we would have had no idea about. Sometimes ignorance is bliss but once you know, you need to act. We are all about trying to encourage people to make little changes which add up to a big impact. It is great how far peoples thinking about plastic and convenience has changed since we started Honeywrap.

Does it worry you that there are so many other wraps on the market now?

Good question! It is a good sign of how far people have come in their thinking about plastic, that there are loads of other wraps out there. We used to worry but we come back to our purpose to protect the environment which guides everything we do. Therefore we have only ever used certified organic cotton and produce a better quality wrap that will last. Our artist and charity collabs as well as providing work for people with disabilities also sets us apart. We just need to make sure people know about what we stand for and the cool things we do. ;)

What skills have you gained since starting out?

A bit of everything - website design, product development and photography, financial management, social media, production, marketing skill etc. There is a lot to learn when you make a product and sell it. Starting to realise it's better to leave a lot of the tasks to the experts and save time and money in the process!

What book are you reading right now?

The Overstory by Richard Powers. This book made me totally fall in love with trees and appreciate even more how amazing and vital they are! Very cleverly written, intertwining five different character's stories plus a botany lesson at the same time. Read it! 

Where do you get inspiration from?

It reignites my passion every time we take Honeywrap to local markets. I love getting feedback from customers who are so passionate about our product and the waste they have saved!
Tara Strahan.


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