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5 years of Honeywrap

Posted by Tara Strahan on

5 years since bringing our first handmade wraps to a tiny Plunket market, the Honeywrap team (and our crazy kids) went to the beautiful Maori Bay on Friday to do some content filming.

Looking back on the footage from our first videos compared to today, (the biggest change is the how much the kids have grown) but also the massive change in people's awareness of plastic not being so fantastic.

We are stoked with what we (and our loyal customers) have achieved so far - a whopping 8 million metres of plastic saved from entering our landfills and oceans. It is great to have been at the beginnings of this movement and to be part of so many people taking their first step looking for plastic free alternatives.

We scored a stunning winter’s day for our filming and managed to get some great footage that we can hopefully share with you soon. Although, a disturbing and yet oddly fitting end to the day was when we found a soiled nappy up at the viewpoint, this really fires us up to continue doing what we are doing, hopefully inspiring people to make changes.


-A sneak look at behind the scenes Tara and Jo trying to get through interview with a straight face

Plastic free July just around the corner we are so excited to see what business and individuals come up with to continue pushing the movement.

 We are going to be giving a different plastic-reducing tip for every day of the month, doing some giveaways and some special Honeywrap deals, so keep your eyes peeled! We will also be signing up to the official plastic-free July website to take the challenge. You can find that here: http://www.plasticfreejuly.org/

On another note; Daisy (our ecowarrior) is going to be spending the next couple of weeks volunteering out at the great barrier reef in Australia, where she will be diving to collect data and survey the reefs. Keep up to date with Honeywrap socials to follow what she gets up to on her trip!

-The Honeywrap team

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  • Congratulations on this amazing milestone. You have developed a highly regarded brand and diligently spread the message of sustainability. Keep up the fantastic work.

    Tracey McKeown on

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