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Honeywrap and the 'Sustainable Whanau Challenge'

Posted by Tara Strahan on

This blog always seems to start with a comment on time passing quickly, it is now March. Crazy. School is coming to the end of the first term. Our boys are finally settling back in after a few weeks of tears and tantys.

Schools are doing a great job at encouraging their students to have waste free lunches and getting them to think about sustainability. They have awards for rubbish free lunches which is fantastic.  

Honeywrap has started us on a journey and got us all thinking about some of our daily habits and how we can start to make little changes. Our family still has a long way to go so I was really excited to see the Sustainable Whanau Challenge. A great activity for the whole family to set some new habits for the month- ‘ It is about trying out small changes that help to make our world a little bit better’. Take a look at their website www.sustainablewhanauchallenge.com. We will be signing up this week. If you are keen registrations close March the 15th. Go on...do it!

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