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honeywrap launched! Yay!

Posted by Tara McQuinn on


Here we finally are- www.honeywrap.co.nz. The website is good to go which will make buying your honeywraps direct from us so much easier. Welcome!

Honeywrap has been, (and continues to be)  a journey of discovery and learning. For us one of the most interesting parts has been learning more about bees and what amazing fascinating creatures they are. It has also been quite frightening as we did not realize just how dire their situation is!

Bees are in rapid decline worldwide and they need our help. Bees give us so much more than just honey. About 1/3 of what we eat is dependent on bee pollination. Chocolate, coffee, strawberries, blueberries... basically all the good things would be no more! 

We are passionate about the environment and want to pass on a better world to our kids. Add your support to the petition link below to reduce neonicotinoids. These chemicals are a key cause of bee death throughout the world.




Buy local, buy organic when you can, to reduce pesticide use!


Look out for future blogs with other info and tips to help save our bees and also little tidbits about looking after ourselves and our environment. 

In the mean time check out the link below to watch the trailer of 'More than Honey' a fascinating insight into the plight of bees!






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